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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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        Company Add: No. 124, Group 1, Eighth Bridge, Wangjiaxu, Zhelin Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai

        Tel: +86-21-64365955

        Fax: +86-21-64360688

        Service hotline: 400-021-8108

        P.C.: 201415


      Development course

      • 2012

        In 2012, our company has top level scientific research talents, advanced technology and equipment, high-quality work team. In operation, we applied CAS, CAM, CAT, finite element analysis technology to ensure product quality.

      • 2002

        In 2002, Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd. was established. In 2010, we produced 70,000 sets of weighing equipments, including 2613 sets of motor truck scale. Our annual sales reached RMB 170 million Yuan. Our sales network has been spread all around the country. Meanwhile, our products have been exported to Japan, Spain, India, Malaysia and Pakistan.

      • 1995

        In 1995, our company passed ISO-9002 and OIML authentication.

      • 1980s

        In 1980s, we developed electronic pricing scale, weighing controller and high performance weighing sensor. And we changed “Yingping” brand to “Yingpai” brand.

      • 1970s

        In 1970s, we adopted middle-scale MOS and CMOS integrated circuit to develop new products, such as, DBC-1 type electronic belt weigher, digital display scale, chemical fiber automatic packing scale.

      • 1960s

        In 1960s, we developed mechanical automatic scales, automatic feeding, weighing and discharging scale.

      • 1956

        In 1956, we completed public-private partnership and the scale of our company was enlarged. We developed platform scale, track scale, no-spring automatic scale and other products.

      • 1954

        In 1954, we produced 16000 sets of platform scale, 18500 sets of spring scale.

      • 1921

        10 years of the Republic of China, with reference to British old Jinlong Matheson "spring scale" style, succeed in imitation produced China's first "Eagle Ping card" "spring scale, in the same year, the British firm of" Eagle "right of trademark ownership occur disputes appeal, cause the attention of the world, after weighing apparatus factory of South of the five ridges and strive to, end by British courts and win. This has caused a stir, after this event," Eagle Ping card "at that time, the world famous brand. (TCO).

      • 1920

        The Republic of China 9 years began to imitate foreign Matheson products, production, "the level of the eagle" brand mechanical platform scale and multi scale platform scale, with an annual output of scales hundred sets.

      • 1917

        6 years of the Republic of China (1917) Cantonese Liang Shanlin in Shanghai Tiantong Road No. 472 partnership opened Lingnan weighing apparatus factory production "Eagle Ping card" weighing apparatus, was founded in the early to repair mechanical weighing instrument based.

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