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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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      Product name:60kg electronic platform scale

      Boundary dimension:300x400    Brand: Yingpai brand

      Model:TCS   Type:electronic platform scale

      Custom production: yes  Measurement range:360Kg(kg)

      Degree of accuracy:C3  Size of platform:300X400(mm)

      Scope of application:50Kg  Division value:10g

      Functions:accumulation, zero resetting

      Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

        Product introduction;

        High precision A/D transition;

        Readability: 1/30000;

        Convenient for display of ISN;

        Special software technology and enhancing vibration resistance;

        Setting of zero tracking range and zero-setting range;

        Setting of speed, width and stabilizing time of filter wave;

        With weighing and accumulation function;

        Multiple back light modes;

        Equipped with 6V/4AH maintenance free battery;




        Function and features:

        Automatic display error message and directive function;

        Automatic power saving back light, no back light function;

        Setting top and bottom alarm function of amount and weight;

        Accumulator automatic protection function;

        Setting of different weighing unit (GKGLBOZ);

        Can be equipped with RS232 or RS232 junction;

        Smoothing function;

        Strong anti-interference capacity;

        Zero tracking and alarm function;

        Direct display of liquid crystal screen;

        Lead-acid cell (continuous use 40-60 hours);

        Shell adopts ABS plastic and non-toxic packing;

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