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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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      Product name:Anti-explosionelectronic platform scale _Anti-explosion platform scale

      Custom production: yes   Brand: Yingpai brand

      Model:SCS   Type: electronic wagon balance

      Maximum batch weighing:60000(KG)  Platform size:300*1000(cm)

      Division value:20000(g)


      Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

        Anti-explosionelectronic platform scale:

        Anti-explosion electronic platform scale adopts intrinsic safety type circuit and anti-explosion technology. It has features of small volume, light weight, convenient for maintenance, high safety and reliability, low price and etc.




        Features of anti-explosionelectronic platform scale

        Weighing instrument: LED digital display, clear and easily for reading;

        Built-in battery for alternating current and direct current;

        Stainless steel shell with excellent antijamming capability;

        Sensor: high precision weighing sensor;

        Double parallel girder structure;

        Junction box: stainless steel junction box;

        Main function: net weight, zero setting, accumulation;

        Supply voltage: AC220V+10%, 50Hz DC6V4Ah;

        Power dissipation: <5W;

        Protection measures: intelligent distinguishing of battery quantity and automatic power-off;

        Communication connection: Rs232c connectable miniprinter;

        Constituent parts of anti-explosionelectronic platform scale

        Four high precision shear beam anti-explosion weighing sensor;

        XK3101 series intelligent ac/dc used anti-explosion display instrument;

        High power capacity anti-explosion battery (anti-explosion grade: EXIAIICT6);

        Full stainless steel anti-explosion junction box (anti-explosion grade EXIAIICT6);


        Advantages of anti-explosionelectronic wagon balance:

        Having features of water-proofing, oil-proofing and anti-corrosive;

        Full stainless steel manufacturing, ultra-thin design and convenient for weighing;

        Special structure treatment and long durability;

        Four high precision moisture proof sensor with maximum accuracy of 1/15,000;

        Suitable for chemical, food industry;


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