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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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      Product name:60 tons electronic wagon balance

      Custom production: yes  Brand: Yingpai brand  Model: SCS  Type: electronic

      wagon balanceMaximum batch weighing: 60000(KG)  Platform size: 300*1000(cm)

      Division value20000(g)


      Material: carbon steel

      Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

        Motor truck scale is also named as wagon balance. It is main weighing equipment for weighing of large cargos by mining plant and merchant. According to scale structure, it is divided into U-shape steel motor truck scale, box iron motor truck scale, joist steel iron motor truck scale, and reinforced concrete motor truck scale. According to sensor, it is divided into digital motor truck scale, analogous motor truck scale, full electronic motor truck scale.




        Fittings of 60 tons wagon balance:

        Key components: sensor, table-board, instrument, junction box, data line

        Bearing and force transmitting structure

        High precision weighing sensor

        Printer: for printing of weighing data and sheet

        Three colors alarm light

        Large screen: for remote reading

        Computer management system




        Function and features:

        U-shape section design, high rigidity;

        Continuous welding, overall polishing;

        Coating of epoxy anti-corrosive primer and acrylic polyurethane coating within 4 hours after shot blasting to improve acid resistance and protection capacity;


        Operating condition and working environment of 60 tons wagon balance

        >environment humidity

        >working power supply

        >operating ambient temperature, sensor:-20℃~+65℃


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