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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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      Product name:digital electronic motor truck scale

      Custom production:     yes   Brand: Yingpai brand    Model:     SCS

      Type:     electronic wagon balance    Maximum batch weighing:    80000(KG)    Platform size:   300*1200(cm)

      Division value:     20000(g)    Specification: SCS-80T/3*12M

      Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

        Brief introduction:

        SCS series electronic motor truck scale is formed by scale platform, sensor, inhibiting device, junction box, transmission cable and weighing instrument. Weighing platform adopts full steel building block design with features of low platform, beautiful appearance and convenient for installation and maintenance.




        Main components:

        U-shape beam scale, digital weighing sensor, digital junction box, digital weighing display

        Common used units:

        10 tons, 15 tons, 20 tons, 30 tons, 50 tons, 60 tons, 80 tons, 100 tons, 120 tons, 150 tons, 200 tons




        Basic function:

        Adoption RS458 standard interface and digital sensor to realize communication;

        Maximum signal transmission distance: 1200m;

        Manual and automatic unbalance loading regulation through instrument panel;

        Automatic trouble diagnosis function;

        Storage of 256 records, 256 wagon numbers and cargo numbers;

        Data protection time under power-off≥ 5000h;

        Work flow:


        Features and advantages:

        Digital technology:
        Weighing sensor adopts high integrity high intelligence treatment system;

        Self compensating on nonlinearity, lag, creep deformation and temperature performance of weighing sensor;

        Excellent memory capacity avoids calibration problem after sensor change.


        Digital communication technology:
        It adopts RS485 bussing technique to realize remote transmission of weighing signal;

        Output signal can reach 3-4V;

        It improves lightning protection capacity;


        Bridge type technology:
        It adopts double beam structure and has excellent anti-yawing force and shock resistance;

        Excellent resetting capacity;

        Convenient for on-site installation;


        Protection technology:
        Level of protection: IP68 in GB4942.2 standard



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