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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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      Product name:water proofing electronic platform scale

      Brand: Yingpai brand    Model    TCS    Type:     water proofing electronic platform scale

      Custom production:  yes    Measurement range:     500(kg)    Degree of accuracy:  10g

      Size of platform:     600*800(mm)    Range of application:  plant, physical distribution  Division value    10g

      Function: accumulation, zero setting, water proofing    Face plate material:     stainless steel    

      Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

        Brief introduction:

        Balance frame adopts stainless steel square tube with water proofing level of IP67;

        Four vertical and four horizontal structure to avoid damage and ensure accuracy of measurement;

        Scale adopts superior quality 304 stainless steel with strong anti-corrosive property;

        High precision sensor, meeting requirements of special industries;

        Full stainless steel water proofing design;

        Main functions: net weight, gross weight, accumulation;

        Adjustable angle of display screen and convenient for operation;

        RS-232 communication interface;




        Range of application:

        Widely applied in grain, plastic, and chemical industry with moisture proofing and anti-corrosive requirements;

        Platform size: 250*250/300*300/300*400/400*400/400*500;

        Structure of scale:

        Full steel scale or PF exterior frame;

        High strength and ensuring of accuracy;

        304 stainless steel table-board with strong anti-corrosive property;

        Surface is under stoving varnish and spraying treatment;

        Function and features of :

        Weighing instrument: LEF digital display, easily for reading;

        Built-in chargeable battery, ac/dc double use;

        304stainless steel material;

        Zero setting, accumulation and unit transition;

        Range of weighing: 30kg to 1000kg;

        Chargeable battery with 90hours;

        High precision sensor;

        Communication interface: Rs 232c, Rs485;

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