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      Welcome to Shanghai Yingpai Scales Co., Ltd.!
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      Product name:wireless large screen electronic

      Brand: Yingpai brand

      Type: wireless steelyard

      Display mode: electronic display

      Scope of application: weighing

      Product type: electronic

      Order hotline:+86-400-021-8108

        Brief introduction:

        Wireless electronic steelyard adopts one-piece sensor with features of high durability. Safety overload is 200%. Main colors are yellow, blue, bronze.



        Function and features:

        Full stainless steel material: beautiful appearance, high durability;

        LN steelyard exclusive use sensor: high measuring accuracy and stability;

        Realizing non-loss wireless transportation within 100m;

        Automatic power-off function;

        Working temperature: -15℃~55℃;

        Maximum working temperature: 80℃;

        Adoption of 6V/4Ah ni-mh rechargeable battery;

        Adoption of backlit LCD display;

        Keeping record of 2666 weighing report;

        Main functions: gross weight, net weight, tare weight, accumulation;

        Builti-in EPSON M-150 miniprinter;

        Equipped with RS-232C and 20mA electric current loop serial communication interface;

        Application range

        Widely applied in wharf, transportation, metallurgy industry, steel market, construction material, storage, coal industry, paper-making and mining industry

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